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30 re lynda heidt 30

Fucktards going on about Lynda (Oelwein) pic

45 Lynda Heidt 45 (waterloo)

RE: RE: I can't believe

RE: Can't believe pic

Holli Neil (Waterloo)

66 Looking for sex stories, videos or pics 66 (Waterloo)

53 Can't Believe The Large Number... 53 (waterloo)

40 Lynda Heidt 40 (waterloo)

Re: Temptation pic

60 Romantix 60 (waterloo )


Hollow (In abeyance)

Mr. Begic ...murdered (stl) (new mexican border)

re: Pricks that pray on kids

35 while you were sleeping 35 (us russia)

54 Re:Re: Looking for a Christian 54

25 Need friends! 25 (Waterloo )

Re: Looking for a Christian

55 thanks 55

54 Re:Re: Re: find a Christian 54

Re: Re: looking for a Christian pic

54 Re: Looking for a Christian 54 pic

40 Looking for a Christian to debate 40 pic

Predator (Waterloo)

re: predator

casino action (waterloo)

23 Looking for a bottom 23 (Waterloo)

25 Tina with a splash of coke 25 (cedar falls)

34 what's the point anymore 34

51 American Income Insurance 51

Dave Kime (Independence Iowa) (NE IOWA)

Few LOCAL results found. Here are some from NEARBY areas

re: casino.... Or......

46 Casino 46


why get all worked UP!!!!!!!!!!!! (sinningisevil) pic

Men get no say when it comes to children?

Season Greetings you... (where ever)

30 RE:Road Rager About Farmers Stay Off Road 30 (Ames)

28 Choices 28

re : He got what he deserved

Diana Baculis is a crazy bitch (Iowa City)

Happens every year (SoI)

one presonance decides for all

What are your qualifications? pic

Football Sucks --- NASCAR is the only real sport!

65 he got what he deserved mb 65 (iowa city)

Don't tell me what makes a great Christmas gift!

Milio's Sanwiches (1621 S. First Ave) pic

RE RE : you were NOT born that way!

Re: Not born that way (I knew better!)

RE : you were NOT born that way!

Why the Liberals and the Media wanted dead cops


at the show (clive)

2 types of women

you were NOT born that way! (des moines)

Farmers - last post, Dec. 20

Iowa Chat Rooms (CR)


36 re: farmers (see image) 36 (Iowa Farmlands!) pic

Re; literacy (dubuque)

re literacy valley of drunken men (dubuque)

foot rub time (kcci)

why all the hating (the town of sin)

lets talk about JESUS CHRIST (sinisbadrealbad)

SLEEPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sinisbadrealbad) pic

re; literacy (valley of drunken men)

35 Tired of the "diversity" 35 (dubuque) pic

Prius and black people pic

55 Hashimoto's Disease 55 (Iowa City)

RE: Pretentious Prius Owners - (Iowa City)

We might just make it. pic

late night tv

Pretentious Prius Owners (Everywhere)

Wrong Side of the Bed (Joke of the Day)

Today's dipshit

What your name? pic

54 Re: join a union 54

Black Libtard Voices Project (Iowa City)

Billion Auto (Clive)

27 Join a UNION and LIVE BETTER! 27 (Dubuque) pic

35 Diversity, part 2 35 (dubuque)

BRT reporting in............... (U NO Where!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

55 Belle Hess & MORE........... 55 (east Side Baby...............)

28 Thursday afternoon on R&R.......... 28 (Guess U DUMBASS!!!!!!!!!)

36 2my xmas wishlist 36 (East Side Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Bill Board on Douglas & Merle Hay (Bacon causes ass cancer)

42 Perkins, big red truck cable guys pylons and a lot more 42 (West side baby!!!!)

Altering time cards


re- farmers stay off highways!

6 people, in a Cavalier. yeah that is why death (too many people in a shit car)

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you pic

light in the darkness (LIGHT vs. darkness) pic

rub those feet down (crocker street)

Joke for the day (Urbandale)

33 Clearing up the CONFUSION 33 (Me.the 1 & only BRT)

Funny as all get out.................................................. (Monkey man Ville........................)

44 How dew U MILK EGGS?????? 44 (East Side Baby!!!!)

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